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  1. Oceanic

    Here is another view of the Oceanic during her fitting out at Harland and Wolff in April, 1899. In 1905, Oceanic would become the first White Star Liner to suffer a mutiny; the revolt of 35 stokers came about as a result of claims that they were being over worked by officers onboard the ship...
  2. Oceanic

    White Stars RMS Oceanic is seen fitting out at Harland and Wolff’s Queens Island Yard in April, 1899. The liner was intended to be a record breaker, but her top speed of 21 knots proved insufficient to outpace the German four-stackers. At 704 feet, the Oceanic was the first ship to exceed the...
  3. Harland and Wolff

    Photo for postcard believed to be about 1910-1920
  4. Harland and Wolff

    A view of the famous Harland and Wolff shipyard at Belfast, as seen during the 1930s. Many famous ships were built here, including RMS Titanic
  5. Harland and Wolff Cranes July 2006

    I took my primary school class over 20 years beforehand to visit the yars when the St. Christopher and St. Anselm were being built. Boy what a difference..."and the old world has passed"
  6. End of another shift at H&W

    All the "happy campers" making their way home from another day in Harland and Wolff. This photograph is dated 1908 and all the buildings and structures you can see have all been demolished to make way for new shops and appartments. Oh well at least we still have images like this to remind us how...
  7. Samson and Goliath

    The cranes, which are over 300 ft high, have been "scheduled" under the Historic Monuments and Archaeological Objects (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 which ensures that any action to alter or change them would need consent. Goliath was built in 1969 and is temporarily out of action because of...
  8. Samson and Goliath

    The giant Samson and Goliath cranes at Belfast's shipyard are to remain part of the city's skyline. Even though Harland and Wolff is no longer one of the world's great ship building firms, the dry dock at Queen's Island is to be preserved, .....taken 04.08.2006
1-8 of 8 Results