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haunga roa ???
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  1. Haunga Roa ???

    Her name might be Munga Roa but i believe Haunga Roa would be closer. Her original name was ElFrida, registered at Svolvaer, islands off Norway, north of the Artic Circle and now residing at Rarotonga, Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Anyone know anything about her Cheers Ted
  2. Haunga Roa ???

    Starboard Bow. see part of her original name ?
  3. Haunga Roa ???

    a long shot. Her current name is on the bridge
  4. Haunga Roa ???

    Unusual looking Blue and White Coaster on left. Unfortunately I forgot to record her current name. Couple of close ups to follow. Cheers Ted
1-4 of 4 Results