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    Wijsmuller tug HECTOR was built in 1958 by Jonker & Stans at Hendrik Ido Ambacht. Yardnumber: 282 Power: 1200 ihp. IMO 5145116
  2. Hector

    Classic Blue Flue passing Greenock en route to, possibly Liverpool, as her derricks have not been stowed.

    Alfred Holt, Blue Funnel GRT 10125, built Harland & Wolff, March 1950. 30 passengers.
  4. Hector

    German coaster seen at Dover in November 1971
  5. Sperrbrecher 180 Midas

    The German Sperrbrecher 180 (= mine destruction vessel) seen here going astern in the port of Brest in 1944. The Sperrbrecher 180 (1906 grt/878 nrt) was originally the Dutch motor vessel Midas built in 1941 and seized by the Kriegsmarine for the use as a Sperrbrecher. Midas belonged to the...
  6. Hector

    Replica of immigrant ship Hector in Pictou, NS
  7. Hector

    TSS 'Hector', 11,320 Tons. Blue Funnel Line
  8. Hector

    s/s 'Hector' of Blue Funnel Line, Liverpool. Built 1949 by Harland and Wolff, Belfast. Of 10,125 grt steamship 18.5 kts. Merseyside in 1961. One of a group of 'H' class sisters and was actually launched by the then P.M. Clement Atlee. Used mainly on the Aussie trades. Broken up at...
  9. Hector

    Blue Funnel Hector. My fourth ship as deck boy, Liverpool- Glasgow, including two weeks in Barclay Curle's drydock. 1959
  10. Hector

    Blue Funnel liner, initially thought of as Nestor, but now recognised as Hector at Sydney. 1960
  11. Hector

    Blue Funnel's Hector, photographed we all know where. Built in 49 of 10,125grt. Scrapped 72. Apparently she had a good turn of speed, but some members here doubt she kept that speed all her life.
  12. Hector

    Party 1961-1962
  13. Ms. Hector

1-13 of 13 Results