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    The tug HERCULES was built by Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (N.S.M.)at Amsterdam (yard number 113) in 1911 for account of Hijos de José Pascual at Montevideo and seen here during her trials. Sold to the government of Uruguay in 1935 and renamed ALFREDO LABADIE.
  3. Hercules

    Operating for Cool Carriers in 1996 the reefer Hercules is inward bound for Rotterdam at Maasvlakte. Built 1983 she was 8,254 gr tons.

    Floating crane. No details I'm afraid.
  5. Hercules

    Hercules passing Devonport's frigate complex June 2012

    Argentine Navy's Type 42 Hercules leaving Portsmouth in June 1977. She made no contribution directly during the Falkland's war, her main task already complete that of teaching the Argentine air force how to defeat the type 42's air defence system. Another brilliant political decision to sell high
  7. Hercules

    Relaunch of RV Hercules. Sfax, Tunisia. Apr 2009
  8. Hercules

    Relaunch of RV Hercules, Sfax Tunisia. April 2009
  9. Olympic Hercules

    It always looks like a huge vessel.................. until you view it from an even bigger one :) Pic taken in Ulsteinvik, March 2009
  10. Hercules (2)

    At Ijmuiden on 12/10/2008. Regards, Rick
  11. Hercules (1)

    At Ijmuiden on 12/10/2008. Regards, Rick
  12. Hercules

    Hercules taken in SF Bay whilst owned by the Western Pacific Rly. circa 1958-9 This is taken from a slide I bought with full copyright. link to full details;
  13. Hercules

    The preserved tug Hercules at the Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco. Dating from 1907 among her other duties she towed equipment down the coast for the construction of the Panama Canal.
  14. Hercules

  15. Hercules

  16. Hercules

    Hercules on fire a few months back. Some say that the fire started where the packaging was stowed.
1-16 of 16 Results