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  1. SSCV Hermod

    Looks like crossed fingers to me, seen across Banff Bay and the Macduff slipway. AIS gave her position as off Troup Head.
  2. Little and Large

    Gear-handling crane in front of Hermod's 4,500 Tonne Stbd Crane. Pic taken Feb 2009
  3. Hermod

    SSCV Hermod alongside Keppel Verolme, Rotterdam. February 2009. Undergoing Special Periodic Survey.
  4. Nev, where are you ?

    Big beastie. Is that you with the beer in his hand ?
  5. Hermod 1

    Outward in the New Waterway,Europoort on 02/08/2004. Taken from the container ship 'YM Cosmos'. Nevs on there somewhere?? LOL Rick
1-5 of 5 Results