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  1. Herring

    The herring fisheries were known as the ''Herring fairy tale'' in Norway, for many years you could just hoist it up in buckets. Then it disappeared, and when it came back to some degree people had become richer and had lost the taste for this strong tasting fish. Hand coloured photo by...
  2. Fishing Vessels
    Trying to figure out from Lerwick port records what vessels were involved in the summer herring season 1984. The pursers are easy to find but the smaller boats are difficult (for me!) to know if whitefish or herring and wondered if anyone on here could help. I have Dayspring Fr306, Ocean Crest...
  3. Herring Ring Netter Village Belle III-(TT34) at Tarbert, Loch Fyne-1962

    One of a collection of assorted ship transparencies from the 1960s to 1980s that I am presently in the process of scanning ad cataloguing. Image is of the Herring Ring Netter, Village Belle III, TT34. Date is recorded, quite indistinctly as 1962 (so this might not be correct). Location...
  4. Herring Fleet

    Did this at the weekend. The Herring boats leaving Pittenweem (and Anstruther in the background) just before dawn Still some tweaking to do Jim
  5. Silver darlings at Campbeltown

    Fishergirls gut herring at Campbeltown, 1933, a sight which has vanished for ever. Now it's scallops and prawns, for herring are rare indeed. Dave
  6. Herring

    Karmsund Norway, prior to the last war.
1-6 of 6 Results