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  1. Ship Research Hi, I acquired the very same model or same clock and was trying to evaulate how much such an item would be worth or what sort or interest people may have in it? It has a bit of history behind it and a story, would any...
  2. Herzogin Cecilie

    Built 1902 as a training ship for Norddeutscher Lloyd, wrecked off Bolt Head in 1936 while under the ownership of Gustaf Erikson of Mariehamn
  3. Herzogin Cecilie

    You had to have a head for heights, a fall was generally fatal
  4. Herzogin Cecilie

    The Herzogingn with a tug before her bow.
  5. Herzogin Cecilie

    What is going on? - I cannot make out what it is this lump of folds halfway up in the course.
  6. Herzogin Cecilie

    Herzogin Cecilie

    Built 1902, wrecked 1936. More info:
  8. Girl stowaway

    Jeannie Day at the wheel of the Herzogin Cecilie. A young female teacher from Adelaide, who after numerous failed attempts to obtain a voyage onboard legally, stowed away for a trip in 1927-28. She was discovered two days out, and they did not pass a steamer to send her back on. The captain...
  9. Herzogin Cecilie

    The Finnish four masted barque 'Herzogin Cecilie' in original condition in better days. This view being prior to the 25th of April 1936 grounding when 'she' ran on the rocks of Sewer Mill Cove near Salcombe in Devon in the early morning...Salvaged/refloated some months later.
  10. Monstrous foolhardiness

    The title I have given the photo is the one that A. A. Hurst gave it when he reproduced it in one of his books, but I can't refind his writings on the episode. What we are seeing is a mate standing on the mainyard of the Herzogin Cecilie, getting ready to throw some papers over to the...

    Not a lot to see these days, and the tide had a little way to fall when I walked around to Starehole Bay near Salcombe in Devon this summer-still if you squint, you may pick out a dim shadow almost in the centre of the picture-with an outlying fragment to the right near the projecting rocks-all...
  12. Herzogin Cecilie

    The Herzogin was the great love of shipowner Gustaf Erikson, and when she was lost on the coast of Devon in 1936, after some doubtful navigation, her skippers name became unmentionable near him. She has recently had an English book devoted to her, which is the third one, and her beauty has...
  13. Wheel, Herzogin Cecilie

    Looks strange with the wheel midship on this ship. One is used to seeing the German "three island" four-posters with double wheels ahead of a large chart-room midships, but on this ship, with it's quarterdeck covering more than half a shiplength and the chartroom aft, the wheel position looks...
  14. Herzogin Cecilie

    Here is the sad sight of the Finnish Barque Herzogin Cecilie aground on the Hamstone in April 1936, she sank in Starhole Bay, Salcome. Frank
  15. Clock Ex Herzogin Cecilie

    My late uncle a Captain with D P L ( Dundee Perth& London company .) gave me this clock which is made from a spar of the vessel. I understand it was a German Cadet Ship wrecked 25 th April 1936 Bolt Head Devon. I wonder if any of our sailing ship sleyths have any more information . Derek
1-16 of 16 Results