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  1. Hibernia

    British Transport Commission Built 1949 by Harland & Wolff 4,970 gross tons, 397 foot x 56 foot beam, speed @ 21 knots 2,255 passengers in 1st and 2nd Classes Served on Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire route
  2. Hibernia

    The 1884 veteran Hibernia sails for Wards scrap yard at Grays in 1961, her paying off pennant at the mast. Hopes for a noisy send off were thwarted when come the day only Sun XVI of the 28 ship handling tugs based at Gravesend was not working. This was to my recall the only occasion that...
  3. Hibernia

    My favourite tug.
  4. Hibernia - Gallipoli Veteran

    As the world remembers the hundredth anniversary of the disastrous Gallipoli adventure, it may surprise some that a doughty member of the invasion and rescue fleet survived on the Thames until 1961. The Watkins tug Hibernia had been built in Holland in 1884 as a sea going vessel in the days...
  5. Hibernia

    Built by Cochrane & Sons Selby in 1963 the 293 gr tons Hibernia is seen off Tilbury Stage in London Tug colours
  6. Hibernia

  7. Hibernia

    Stern view of Sealink's Hibernia at Carlisle Pier, Dun Laoghaire in the 1970s. Buildings on the pier were recently demolished.
  8. Hibernia

    Sealink's Hibernia at Carlisle Pier, Dun Laoghaire in the 1970s. Buildings on the pier have now been demolished.
  9. Hibernia

    Hibernia 1949 4972t builder Harland+ Wolff/Belfast 1976 Express Appolon broken up Bombay 1980
  10. Hibernia

    Watkins' tug Hibernia. Completed in 1963 I believe she was the last conventional ship-handling tug built for Thames service.
  11. Hibernia

    It's a lousy reproduction, but a bit interesting. It is from a German WW 1 wartime work named "For Fatherland and Freedom", and is shown inbetween what was at that time very modern German aeroplanes and the destruction they had wrought. The title simply: English aeroplane carrier Hibernia...

    1964 at Holyhead and Hibernia waits to cross to Dun Laoghaire. She was built in 1949 and run by British Rail London Midland Region. 4972tons gross, 396ft long and 54ft beam. 21 knots. A mini passenger liner! What could the ship be on the right?
1-12 of 12 Results