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  1. High Seas Driller

    This is the Amerada Hess rig High Seas Driller which I was at doing standby duties in 1992.
  2. High Seas Driller

    Houlder Offshore Drilling, I worked on this rig for 3 years, good crowd of lads, mainly in the Beryl Field working for Mobil North Sea Ltd. The radio room was a bit on the cramped style (especially for a person of my size), still was well equipped. see pic of the 'wideawakeclub'
  3. High Seas Driller

    The Wide Awake Club in the radioroom or should I say radiocorridor, Ian R/O, Calum storeman, Ian Medic, Tony Driller and me with the daft face and tash. Blue Boilees eh
1-3 of 3 Results