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  1. RAGNA

    Barque Ragna Call sign: JCVF Nationality: Norway Home port: Kristiansand SHIPYARD Name: J. McColl, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada Build year: 1878 Tonnage Gross tonnage: 722 Net tonnage: 656 Dimensions Length: 161.8' Beam: 34.6' Draft: 18.1' History 5/1878: J. McColl, Pictou, Canada...
  2. Hilda

    Hilda putting her nose under. The Hilda was a 223 ton barquentine, built by William Pickard in 1879 at Appledore, Devon. She was owned by the Whitstable Shipping Company. She was sunk in a collision off Nova Scotia on 9th December 1900. ''Over us the bright stars, under us the drowned; ease...
1-2 of 2 Results