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  1. Ship Research
    hello, I am looking for deck plans for messageries maritimes ms georges philippar. thanks in advance.

    In June 1954 the HIMALAYA arrived at Flushing to embark 200 Dutch emigrants with destination Australia.

    P&O liner HIMALAYA entering the Heysehaven at Rotterdam for maintenance at the RDM yard.
  4. Nevasa at Southampton

    Nevasa, photographed from on board Himalaya.
  5. Ship Research
    Good afternoon gentleman SS Meriones was a ship of the China Mutual Steam Navigation Company, a subsidiary of the Blue Funnel Line. In January 1941 she was grounded off the coast of Norfolk and bombed by the Luftwaffe. All crew were saved. The majority of her crew were Chinese merchant...
  6. Himalaya

    The once common sight of a P&O liner back from Australia at Tilbury Landing Stage was fairly unusual by 1965. The lack of daily use also meant that the facility itself began to run downhill at an alarming rate as the small businesses that could no longer support themselves moved out leaving a...
  7. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Crossing Biscay southbound in April 1973
  8. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Ship's statistics from a company brochure published in the early 1950's
  9. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Baggage label for Cruise 554 departing Southampton in April 1973
  10. Himalaya

    P&O Lines En route to Madeira in May 1973
  11. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Approaching Casablanca in May 1973
  12. Himalaya

    P&O Lines
  13. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Corner of the ballroom decorated for Hawaiian Night
  14. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Passing Gibraltar en route to Casablanca in May 1973
  15. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Heading across the Med in early May 1973
  16. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Main staircase in the former 1st Class section of the ship's accommodation in late 'Deco' style
  17. Himalaya

    P&O Lines Cabin Baggage Label for Cruise 554 in April 1973
  18. Himalaya

    Tourist Class Sports Deck and Dance Space
  19. Himalaya

    Approaching the lush green shore of Madeira in May 1973
1-20 of 100 Results