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  1. GG 229 Bristol - hull

    Bristol during outfitting in Hirtshals, summer 2001
  2. Skude Senior ex Strömboli

    This is norwegian trawler Skude Senior being rebuilt in Hirtshals with a new transom stern. 6th of June 2008. Until few months back, she was a danish vessel. Last name was Pernille From, but for many years, she was HG 263 Strömboli of Hirtshals
  3. FD 32 Stapin

    This is the faroese longliner FD 32 Stapin being painted in Hirtshals the 6th June 2008.
  4. LK 62 Research

    LK 62 Research in Hirthals today for annual repaint
  5. FR 365 Enterprise

    FR 365 Enterprise in Hirtshals this afternoon. Note her anchor seems to be lifted ashore by the crane in the background.
  6. FR 249 Forever Grateful

    FR 249 Forever Grateful in Hirtshals, where she seems to be prepared for sandblasting...Pic from this afternoon.
  7. LK 62 Research

    In Hirtshals 25th April 2007
  8. GG 250 Roxy

    Swedish trawler Roxy launched in Hirtshals few months back, after she was lengthened
  9. Lifisk being stretched

    This is the norwegian purse seiner Lifisk being stretched in Hirtshals, Denmark. 20th may 2007
  10. Laid up vessels - Bjal Senior and ex Beinur

    These two vessels are laid up in Hirtshals. Bjal Senior is a former cargo ship registered as fishing vessel in Greenland. Beinur is a former local purse seiner.
  11. HG 70 Mianda

    HG 70 Mianda returning to Hirtshals spring 1982 full loaded with sprats from the Baltic
  12. VG 95 on slip in Hirtshals

    Swedish trawler VG 95 being lengthened in Hirtshals (DK) some years back.
  13. E 349 Cattleya

    This is Esbjerg based pelagic trawler / purse seiner unloading mackerel in Hirtshals late afternoon the 16.10.2007. The fish are unloaded to trucks for further transport to the large company Sæby Fiskeindustri.
  14. HG 267 "Strømegg"

    This is newbuilding HG 267 Strømegg of Hirtshals. A new pelagic vessel soon ready to be delivered from Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen
  15. HG 70 "Mianda" - taking the codend

    Summer 1982 pairtrawling after sprats in Skagerrak....making ready to take the codend..
  16. Riba II

    This former norwegian longliner was being painted in Hirtshals (DK) a week ago. On the stern the new homeport was written..and the crew can looks foreward to a long journey before they arrive to the homeport..
  17. LK 193 "Adenia II"

    "Adenia II" at Wärtsila in Hirtshals (DK) some years ago.
  18. Saksaberg TG381

    Farose vessel "Saksaberg" in Hirtshals (DK) af few years back
  19. HG 225 "Laila Maibritt"

    "Laila Maibritt" of Hirtshals during pair trawling near Hirtshals early 80's. Later the vessel became HG 177 "Sonja Irene"..
1-20 of 27 Results