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  1. Steam Yacht ENA relocates to Melbourne

    After a change in ownership the steam yacht ENA has now relocated from Sydney to Melbourne. Here she is passing under the Bolte Bridge on the Yarra on her voyage from Sydney to Melbourne on the 6 June 2014. ENA then berthed at Victoria Harbour (the revamped Victoria Dock)
  2. SS Robin aerial photograph

    Aerial photograph of SS Robin departing Lowestoft for the Thames and Port of Tilbury
  3. SS Robin departs Lowestoft

    SS Robin departing Lowestoft for Port of Tilbury, September 2010
  4. SS Robin departs Lowestoft

    Bridge opening to let SS Robin through - departing Lowestoft on her way to Port of Tilbury, Friday 17th September, 2010
  5. Cutty Sark 1998

    Taken on a visit to the UK in 1998. Dug out photo after 2007 fire to remind me what she looked like then.
  6. HMVS Cerberus 1871

    HMVS Cerberus (1867/69-1926), twin turret Breastwork Monitor, was the first British Breastwork Monitor turret ship ever built, and is the last example of this type to survive anywhere in the world. Currently sitting on the seabed a few hundred metres off the beach at Half-Moon Bay, Black Rock...
1-7 of 7 Results