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  1. Maritime Family History Research
    Hello, there. A while ago I made a big genealogic research of my family, and since we are brazilians I discover a lot of interesting histories about my foreign roots - although I am still looking for more information especially about the vessels that brought my family here. From my paternal...
  2. Houlder Brothers
    Evening All I am trying to create a timeline of my Grandfathers Sea days and I am hoping some people on here may know him. His name is Henry Hahn, known better as 'Charlie' or 'Chaz.' He joined his first ship in 1953 and retired some time in the 90s. He served on both the Hardwicke Grange and...
  3. Histories
    Dear All, I am attempting to compile an index of all the shipping company or line war histories produced in the aftermath of the Second World War. Those that I have managed to acquire for my library over the past six months are listed below, (together with one of which I have become aware but...
  4. Union Castle - Safmarine
    Dear All, Although a history of the services of the line in the First World War was published, (The Union-Castle and the War, 1914-1918, by E. F. Knight, illustrations by Edmund F. Fuller, privately printed, 1920) I can find no trace of any such history of the Union-Castle Line's services in...
  5. A figurehead Rijeka Croatia

    The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral 3098 Muz A figurehead 2014 S 2305 PomMuRi_03rt 2dio
  6. Ship Research
    Hi all, I came across this photograph from Real Photographs Co. Ltd. and is, what I believe, of the RMS Olympic. I've tried finding more info on the company or what has become of it but I'm not finding much to go off of. When purchased, I was told that this photograph was from 1911. Just...

    R.M.S. Titanic depart to Southampton. In maiden voyage. The Super ship of the White Star Line. 1912. The flag ship of and era. The golden age of the ocean liners. My eternal and dream perfect Ship.
  8. Kula

    Sailing ship after World War II at Croatia
  9. Maersk Radiant

    In Gibraltar on the 21st November. Daniel
1-11 of 12 Results