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  1. HMNZS Te Mana

    ANZAC class frigate

    Dunedin NZ 2000 Second of two Anzac class frigates the other being HMNZS TE KAHA.
  3. HMNZS Te Mana

    Built : Tenix Defence Systems.Williamson, Australia Pennant No: F111 Displacement: 3,600 tonnes Length: 118 m. Beam: 14.8 m. Draught: 6.2 m. Armament: 5 inch Mk45 Mod 2 automatic rapid fire gun, Mk 41 vertical launch system with Sea Sparrow anti-air missile, PHALANX Close...
  4. HMNZS Te Mana

    The first Anzac Firgate to visit Hobart a New Zealand one, she arrived in Hobart that morning in the company of HMAS Torbuk and Sydney
1-5 of 5 Results