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  1. HMS Caroline

    Newly opened to the public exactly 100 years after the Battle of Jutland. She is the last survivor of the battle.
  2. HMS Caroline

    HMS Caroline - preservation work at Belfast.
  3. HMS Caroline

    HMS Caroline
  4. HMS Caroline

    HMS Caroline - Alexander Graving Dock Belfast. She looks abandoned - no white ensign flying. It also helps when you upload the correct photo!
  5. HMS Caroline

    Caroline with the Divis. Taken on a summer evening from the Penda 1978
  6. HMS Caroline

    Photo taken from Penda 1978 on a summer evening
  7. HMS CAROLINE on trials

    Cruiser completed by Cammell Laird in 1914 and now a museum ship in Belfast.
  8. HMS Caroline

    HMS Caroline in Milewater Basin, Belfast in the early 1970s. Behind is the steam sludge boat Divis, which was intended for preservation - but sank at her moorings and was scrapped. Caroline is now slated for disposal by RN and is the subject of a preservation effort, although she is unlikley...
  9. HMS Caroline

    HMS Caroline - Belfast May 2009
  10. HMS Caroline

    RNR drill ship - Belfast. Last survivor of Jutland - photo taken July 1984 when berthed in the Milewater Basin.
  11. HMS Caroline

    HMS Caroline at her old berth in the Milewater Basin Belfast
  12. HMS Caroline

    This image came as a badly damages Postcard. The type where the ship herself is in an oval. I have edited the image so as to present it as a full card image. The ship is in the early configeration of a "Mixed Gun Type" 2-6" Aft, and 8-4" in wing mounts. I would be most interested to see others...
1-12 of 12 Results