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hms express
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    E class minelaying destroyer
  2. HMS Express

    Seen departing Hartlepool following a courtesy visit to the town in 1936
  3. HMS Express

    On a courtesy visit to Hartlepool in 1936. She was in company with HMS Echo and HMS Eclipse all being fairly new at the time HMS Eclipse spent four years on convoy work before moving to the Mediterranean. There she sank a U Boat and other ships before meeting her own fate. Moving troops of the 4
  4. HMS Express

    P163 HMS Express leaving Cardiff Bay - at the time this photo was taken(Nov 2009), she was the only Royal Navy surface ship with a black hull - a couple of months later, her hull was painted grey. She is an Archer Class P2000-type patrol and training vessel. Assigned to the (Wales) University Roya
  5. HMS Hood

    Here is a picture of HMS Hood leaving Portsmouth Harbour together with HMS Express in 1935. The painting is by the artist Ivan Berryman Frank
1-6 of 6 Results