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    1st rate ship of the line
  2. HMS Victory

    HMS Victory
  3. HMS VICTORY 1958

    Old Strawberry's posting earlier today has prompted me to post this. It was taken in the summer of 1958 when I was youth hosteling in the area (stayed at Gosport YHA). Spot the differences by going to
  4. Below decks on HMS Victory

    Below decks on HMS Victory in Portsmouth Dockyard
  5. HMS Victory

    Horatio Nelson's hammock on HMS Victory
  6. HMS Victory

    HMS Victory and am not sure which of the three aircraft carriers in Portsmouth on 6th September 2009 this one is.
  7. HMS Victory

    Plaque onboard HMS Victory with construction details
  8. HMS Victory

    HMS Victory July 2008
  9. HMS Victory

    Here is HMS Victory during the battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805. The painting shows HMS Victory disengaging from the wrecked Redoubtable. The painting is by the artist Ivan Berryman Frank
  10. HMS Victory

    HMS Victory,,,,Taken during the Portsmouth Christmas Festival on Sun 02 Dec 2006 5.30pm
  11. HMS Victory

    This rather grand model made of silver and wood and standing about 2ft high, was made to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005. the table centrepiece of the official Trafalgar Night dinner on board HMS Victory, attended by the Queen, if a donor can be found the...
  12. paid off

    HMS VICTORY a proud ship
  13. Happy Christmas

    Celebrating Christmas at Portsmouth,,,,,,,,,,,taken on the 4th December at Portsmouth's Festival of Christmas
  14. Happy Christmas

    Taken 4th December 2005
  15. HMS Victory

    HMS Victory.....taken Summer 2005
  16. HMS Victory

    I think this is the cabin of Captain Hardy,......Taken sneakily and no flash...08.02.2005 a fine piece of workmanship well worth a visit.
  17. Figure head HMS Victory

    The figurehead of HMS Victory taken ....the wording in the garter reads 'Honi soit qui mai y pense.(evil to him who evil thinks)...and in the under scroll 'Dieu et mon droit'.(God and my right),..taken 03.04.2005
  18. HMS VICTORY 1921

    looking quite dummy in her new home , i say put the old girl back to sea

    atthe spithead review 1911
1-19 of 19 Results