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  1. Belfast and Westminster

    HMS Westminster alongside HMS Belfast on the Thames.
  2. HMS Guernsey 1989

    HMS Guernsey, 1977 to 2004 BNS Sangu , Bangladesh
  3. HMS Kellington

    HMS Kellington, M1154, Minesweeper on River Tyne For more info.
  4. HMS Walkerton

    HMS Walkerton at Narrow Quay, Bristol
  5. HMS Walkerton

    HMS Walkerton
  6. HMS Walkerton

    Stern view, at Narrow Quay, Bristol
  7. HMS Triumph

    Saint Petersburg City
  8. HMS Silvio

    HMS Silvio, Burma 1945. An original photograph for my collection.
  9. HMS Hampshire propellor

    Seen on breakwater at Peterhead after salvaging. She was lost off Hoy Head Orkney 5/6/1916 in WWI with Kitcheneor on board en route to Russia
  10. HMS Sheffield

    Taken during one of the fleet reviews on the Clyde in the sixties
1-11 of 11 Results