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  1. HOBART STAR 1956

    Ahoy, This time in b/w, as she was already posted in colours. Name: HOBART STAR 1956 Company:Blue Star Line 8,398 tons 520'x 70' Spd.:17 knots motorship Built Bremer Vulkan Type:Cargo liner Trade:Britain to Australia 1972 renamed BUENOS AIRES STAR on transfer to River Plate service...
  2. HOBART STAR 1956

    Ahoy, Name: HOBART STAR 1956 Built:Bremer Vulkan AG-Vegesack[853] Company: Salient Shipping Co. Ltd. Tons:4934 net-8398 gross 519' 6" x 70' 3" x 29' 11¾" Eng:2 SA 10 Cy MAN Type:Refrigerated Cargo Liner 1972 renamed BUENOS AIRES STAR (1), reverted to HOBART STAR after one voyage, 1978...
1-2 of 2 Results