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holland america line

  1. Rotterdam


    Rotterdam at Cartagena on 15 December 1996
  2. Nieuw Amsterdam

    Nieuw Amsterdam

    Beautiful view of HAL’s Nieuw Amsterdam taken in the Port of Rotterdam in 1970.
  3. Rotterdam


    Rotterdam at Puerto Limon.
  4. Westerdam


    Holland America Line's Westerdam ex Homeric of Home Lines, at Tilbury she was en route from the Caribbean to Germany where she was lengthened.
  5. Prinsendam


    Prinsendam at Ashdod, Israel. Photographed from on board Aegean Odyssey.


    This photos illustrates the external alterations made to the terraced aft decks of the former ROYAL VIKING SUN to accommodate extra balconied cabins.


    Holland America Line's PRINSENDAM at Cartagena, Spain, during a 15-day crossing from Civitavecchia to Ft. Lauderdale.
  8. Rotterdam


    Cruise ship supreme! She lived up to my every expectation.
  9. Enchanted Isle

    Enchanted Isle

    At anchor off Cabo San Lucas. Many criticisms have been levelled at this ship and her sister but I loved them, faults and all. But then I have a weakness for American liners!
  10. Stefan Batory

    Stefan Batory

    Alongside in Oslo during her first Norwegian fjords cruise, in 1986.
  11. Holland America Line brochure (1962)

    Holland America Line brochure (1962)

    Scanned from a March 1962 brochure printed in The Netherlands by Joh. Enschede en Zonen. Due to limitations of the scanner you are only getting half the Statendam... Where do these brochures go if not in Maritime Art please..?
  12. Rotterdam


    Here’s another view of the Rotterdam taken around the same timeframe. The ship is still being coaled, but her crew has begun repairing the cosmetic damage done to the liner’s hull during her last crossing. I never understood why this ship was scrapped in 1940, although she was old by this time, yo
  13. Rotterdam


    Here the Rotterdam is seen in a ¾ bow view, taking on bunkers. She was a very popular ship, and was the first Holland America Liner to have a glass enclosed promenade deck. Rotterdam enjoyed a very long life, lasting until 1940; she was active right up to very end, making evacuation voyages to New
  14. Rotterdam


    In the following series of three pictures, Holland America Line’s 24,000 ton Rotterdam of 1908; is shown at the company’s pier in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1910. Does anyone know the name of the company’s other vessel seen in the picture?
  15. The Flag

    The Flag

    I believe the flag does make a difference.
  16. Volendam


    Undated photo, suggest that it is just after WWII the funnels look to have been freshly painted in the owners colours. Name Volendam Type: Steam passenger ship Tonnage 15,434 tons Completed 1922 - Harland & Wolff Ltd, Govan, Glasgow Official Number: 5605850 Owner Nederlandsche-Amerikaansc
  17. Esso Rotterdam/Snap!

    Esso Rotterdam/Snap!

    Bought at second-hand shop. Both ships built 1959. Esso Rotterdam Built: 1959 Van der Giessen, Krimpen a/d Ijssel Tonnage: 23,965grt/35,690dwt Owners: Esso(Netherlands) 1970: Esso Brasilia 1976: Broken up at Burriana. Rotterdam Built: 1959 Rotterdam DD, Rotterdam Tonnage: 38,645grt Owners: Holland
  18. Westerdam Broadside Picture

    Westerdam Broadside Picture

    Picture of the Holland American Cruiseship Westerdam
  19. Holland America Line

    Holland America Line

    Holland America Line vessels in Rotterdam, 1960 or earlier. The aftermost one must be the Rotterdam, she was built without ordinary funnels, but with lots of other funny erections instead.