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  1. Holmsider with barge

    Holmsider and Seasider assisting AMT Discoverer on the Wear. Can anyone help me with the details of what is going on here and when, thanks in advance.
  2. Holmsider

    A very young me in 84 ish
  3. Holmsider

    The pic i use as the base of my company logo
  4. Holmsider

    Ernie Baister at the wheel of Holmsider while bringing Stena Seawell back up to Palmershill after her trials
  5. Holmsider

    Another in series of pics of Holmsider
  6. Holmsider

    Stena Seawell Heading out for trials
  7. Holmsider

    Entering Sunderland
  8. Holmsider

    The day she arrived at Sunderland.
  9. Holmsider

    Coming into South Dock,Sunderland.
1-9 of 9 Results