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    Honolulu seen from the roads.
  2. Honolulu - Aloha Tower

    Taken from Lakemba. Slide says that is the stern of Lurline.
  3. USCGC Rush (WHEC-723)

    USCGC Rush alongside in Honolulu. Decommissioned 03 February 2015.
  4. Honolulu

    Arriving in Honolulu and heading to the Aloha Tower on board Oriana.
  5. Honolulu

    Matson Lines Matsonia departing Honolulu

    HONOLULU Liner most likely LURLINE Thanks to TORRENS.As it was on her itenary. From a slide with full copyright dated 8-61
  7. Honolulu

    Honolulu in the days of sail. Third from right lies a barque with the top of the mizzen gone. Perhaps it is just being erected. Beside her lies an odd looking vessel, perhaps a schooner rigged steam ship. Long masts for a steamer.
  8. Honolulu, Sail ship = Falls of Clyde

    I took this photo in Honolulu, Hawaii 1974-76. The converted barge in the foreground is a large Chinese restaurant (does anybody remember it, is it still there?) Do any of you shipping buff's recognize the sailing ship in the background, if so what is her name??? I don't have the name...
  9. Oil Jetties Honolulu

    Taken in 2001
  10. Honolulu

    Taken in 2001
1-10 of 10 Results