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  1. Hoo


    Sailing barge HOO on Medway 12-6-72
  2. Unkown Tug at Hoo

    Unkown Tug at Hoo

    Unkown Tug At Whitton Marine Hoo, the tug has Greek a greek name but i do not know anything about this tug, any infromation would be great, the area where the tug is, was a movie set which included Ewan Mcgregor and Colin Farrel as brothers the film was directed by Woody Allen Thanks To KABRINE(BEN
  3. HooCrest


    HooCrest now named Curlew seen at Gillingham Pier on the River Medway undergoing its Special Survey August 2006 HooCrest had just taken over from sistership HooSwift at Gillingham Pier which was at the pier after Engine Problems. Gillingham Pier is used by the coasters of Lapthorn now Coastal Bulk