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  1. Swordfish and 2 renown ships

    A Fairy Swordfish taxies past two famous ships which were lost early in WW2. The destroyer HMS GLOWWORM was lost to the Admiral Hipper 8 Apr 40 while the battlecruiser HMS HOOD was lost to the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen 24 May 41.
  2. HMS HOOD remembered

    Some photos from the collection of the battlecruiser remembered for her tragic loss in May 1941.
  3. Hood Launched.

    HMS Hood entering the water at John Brown,s Clydebank shipyard on the 22nd August,1918.Note the protective bulges.
  4. Hood

    Hood taken from Prince of Wales going into action against Bismark.

    HMS HOOD by Montague Dawson
  6. HMS Hood - 1924 - colourized photo

    HMS Hood arriving at Melbourne, Australia - March 17, 1924
  7. HOOD

    Bluff NZ 11/5/1998
  8. HOOD

    Bluff NZ 11/5/1998
  9. HOOD

    Bluff NZ 11/5/1998
  10. HOOD

    Bluff 11/5/1998
  11. HOOD

    departing Bluff NZ 11/5/1998 The final visit of a non engines aft cargo ship or reefer to date. This set is with a wide angle lens from the mast of the tug Hauroko.
  12. HOOD

    Bluff 11/5/1998 This was the final non engines aft Cargo ship/reefer to visit Bluff to date. I consider this photograph to be my best ship photograph to date. Built 1973 as Snow Storm 1984 Hood 2000 broken up Alang
  13. HOOD

    Bluff 6/7/1995 Built 1973 as Snow Storm 1984 Hood 2000 broken up Alang
  14. The Mighty Hood

    Coloured drawing of a proposed painting
  15. HMS Hood

    This is a painting I did of the mighty battlecruiser at Scapa
  16. HMS Hood

    Sank by the Bismarck on 24 May 1941. One of the shells fired from 13 miles away hit the Hood between the two funnels hitting the ammo storage hold. Sank within a few minutes with a loss of 1,419 of her crew,3 survived.
1-16 of 16 Results