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  1. Going Home

    I spent the last 5 days in Hospital. Chest Infection that went into Pneumonia. However after excellent Treatment, I’m back home, feeling Hearty, if not quite Hale yet. one to celebrate. Grantully Castle , Aquirania, and another at Mudros during the Gallipoli campaign
  2. He Ping Fang Zhou

    Chinese Hospital ship on a visit to Barbados at Bridgetown November 30th
  3. HMHS Aquitania

    The wartime efforts of the Aquitania became the subject of a painting by an unknown artist in 1915. The painting shows the big Cunarder on hospital ship duties at the port of Mudros near Greece.
  4. HMNZHS Marama (I)

    Union SSCo's 'Marama' as a hospital ship in WWI. Not sure what category this should be in. Marama Built: 1907, Caird and Co, Greenock Tonnage: 6,437grt Owners: Union SSCo of NZ 1915: Commissioned as hospital ship 1919: Decommissioned and refurbished for passengers, 1920. 1938: Broken up, Japan.
  5. HMHS Aquitania

    Aquitania seen from the air at Mudros Harbor, Greece as a hospital ship in 1916. Lifeboats fill nearly every foot of her open decks. With bed space for over 4100 patients, she is the highest capacity hospital ship in history.
  6. SS Prague as hospital ship

    WWII hospital ship "Prague". She was built by John Brown & co at their Clydebank shipyard in 1929, weighed 4,200 tons and was used on the Harwich-Hook crossing. In 1939 she was requisitioned by the Navy and used in 1940 to evacuate from our forces from Dunkirk and in 1944 in the D-Day
  7. Rohilla

    In 1908 the SS Rohilla entered service as a permanent military. On the 6th August 1914 she was requisitioned as a Hospital ship and became known as the HMHS Rohilla. She was refitted with the necessary equipment and all her passenger accommodation became hospital wards. She was also fitted with 2 op

    Built as a passenger-cargo vessel under yard No 458 by Alexander Stephen & Sons Ltd., Govan, Scotland for the British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Glasgow Early 1913 ordered. 26 March 1914 launched as the TANDA, named after the town near the Gogra River near Faizabad in the former United Provinc

    H.M. Hospital Ship Valdivia was a French passenger ship, built 1911 by Chantiers & Ateliers de Provence, Port de Bouc for Societe Generale de Transports Maritimes a Vapeur, Marseilles. She was 7,137 gross tons, length 463ft x beam 54.4ft, two funnels, two masts, twin screw, speed 15½ knots and used
  10. Vita

    VITA O.N. 136321. 4,691 g, 1,955 n, 5,160 dw. 390.1 x 53.3 x 26.5. Twin screw, 2 x T.3-cyl. by the shipbuilder, 4,700 i.h.p., 15.8 knots. (trials). Coal endurance 3,220 miles. 32 1st class, 24 2nd and 2,694 (later 1,575) deck passengers 1939: 1,900 c.f. refrigerated space. Launched 24.8.1914 by S
  11. Letitia

    LETITIA was a handsome medium sized liner which ended her career with every captain's nightmare - sinking as a hospital ship full of wounded soldiers. Beginning her career on the Glasgow to Quebec City and Montreal service for the Donaldson Line, LETITIA was requisitioned as a hospital ship in 1914.
  12. Letitia

    The first LETITIA was a short lived ship. Built by Scott's Shipbuilding and Engineering Co, Greenock for the Donaldson Line of Glasgow, she was a 8,991 gross ton ship, length 470.4ft x beam 56.9ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 14 knots. There was passenger accommodation for 300-2
  13. Nevasa

    Nevasa Built for British India Steam Navigation by Barclay Curle (Yard No. 498) Launched 26 Dec 1912 and completed 5 March 1913 9070 GRT On completion she joined her sister ship Neuralia in the Calcutta service until the First World War when she was taken up in August 1914 as a troopship to carry T

    Used as a hospital ship, registered by the Western Australian Govt. Used as a hospital ship from 12 Oct 1915 to 6 Dec 1918. She was built in 1901 as the MONGOLIA by Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino. 1912- renamed WESTERN AUSTRALIA 1919-renamed PATRICIA 1929-renamed BALTAVIA Fate unknown (possible scr
  15. DIEPPE, as Hospital Ship in WWI

    TSS DIEPPE Built by Fairfield Govan, Yard No 439 Engines by Wm Denny & Sons Propulsion: Triple screw 3 direct drive Parsons Turbines Tonnage: 1210grt, 301nrt Length: 273.6ft Breadth: 34.2ft Launched: Thursday, 06/04/1905 Built for London Brighton & South Coast Railway Co, London , as a Pas
  16. Bibby Line Hospital ship during WW2.

    My father is standing on the right.
  17. Officers only!

    A bit of class distinction on a Bibby Line hospital ship during WW2.
  18. Dardanelles? WWI

    Benjidog, this is a cropped and enlarged version of the photo I posted a few days ago. Might be able to ID the hospital ship now? Not as sharp as I'd like.
  19. Dardanelles? WWI

    Possibly a pic of the Dardanelles, WWI. Through the infestation of gulls I can make out about 7 transports/colliers, and an unidentified hospital ship. Any comments?
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