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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Hello all, Anyone reading this sail on the Stolt Stuart in about 1972? Be glad to pick up some news of you. Regards, Tony
  2. Olympic Champion

    Build Howaldtswerke Kiel 1961 Owner Onassis
  3. Ocean Transport

    Liverpool, May 1975
  4. Bar bums Ripon Grange

    The old Man Brian Tyler, 3rd Eng Brenden, ? , 1st Mate, Joe 90 Sparky, 3rd eng Wife and ? . can any body fill the names in.

    Crossing the line on Ripon Grange Ex Oratava, Billy the junior eng being sorted by Neptune
  6. Ocean Transport

    Liverpool, May 1975
  7. mabel warwick

    some crew members on the mabel warwick, segunto, spain, 1972
  8. Furness Bridge

    Furness Bridge, on the the river clyde, 1971
  9. cable car, table mountain

    with some of the crew from the furness bridge, heading up table mountain, capetown. 1971
  10. Norman Ross, Furness Bridge

    me (on the left) with norman ross on the furness bridge, indian ocean, 1971
  11. furness bridge, painting the funnel

    painting the funnel on the furness bridge, capetown, 1971
  12. mabel warwick, bay of biscay

    frank and frank washing down, somewhere in the bay of biscay, winter, 1972
  13. mabel warwick, segunto, spain

    mabel warwick loading iron ore, segunto spain, 1972
  14. Mabel Warwick, Sagunto, Spain

    Mabel Warwick, loading iron ore, Sagunto, Spain, 1972
  15. Mabel Warwick

    Mabel Warwick unloading steel, Genoa, winter 1972
  16. Denby Grange Houlder Brothers

    Houlder Brother's tanker Denby Grange at Brigham and Cowans drydock on the Tyne in the fall of 1966
  17. Shaftesbury - Houlder Brothers

    Discharging phospate in Miyako, Japan in 1966.
  18. Imperial Transport (Houlder Bros)

    Built by Greenock Drydock Co of Greenock 1953. Gross Tonnage 11365 Net Tonnage 6356 Length 543 ft. Beam 69ft. Chartered By Shell Oil Sold in 1964 to Cia De Athenian De Nav (Falalicos) of Liberia and Renamed Angel Iki. Sold in 1969 to Taiwanese Shipbreakers and broken up in Kaohsiung.
1-18 of 18 Results