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  1. Oregis, Tynemouth

    Houlder Lines, Oregis, on The Black Middens, Tynemouth, 1974
  2. S.S. Baronesa.

    Cargo-Passenger. 8,663 Tons. Built 1918. Scrapped 1946. My card
  3. M.V. Beacon Grange

    Cargo-Passenger. 11,500Tons Built 1938 11,500 Tons. Torpedoed and sunk in the Atlantic 1941. My card
  4. Dunster Grange

    Like the style of this one. Argentina run. Twin Screw. 11,000. Tons Built 1927. Sold 1951 to Finland renamed "Vaasa".
  5. Hardwicke Grange

    On Argentine meat run. 10,500 Tons. Built !921.Torpedoed, Shelled and sunk North of Puerto Rico,1942. My cards.
1-5 of 5 Results