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  1. Houlder


    John Houlder at UJ reunion, Newcastle in summer 2008.( Aged 92).Still flying his plane albeit with an accompanying pilot.
  2. Stolt Span 1975

    Stolt Span 1975

    Mrs Codd and ??????????
  3. ***bria 1973

    ***bria 1973

    Please name yourselves! Junior Eng in red, Sparky with a beard
  4. Hornby Grange Christmas 1979

    Hornby Grange Christmas 1979

    Except for the Wife, I can only remember Claude Hamilton, sitting on her right. 2 on the left were cadets, Sparky (think I know but will refain from embarrassing myself), Cat Off, Lecky and Mrs Steele.
  5. Mr Batchelor

    Mr Batchelor

    Batch at my wedding 1978. The best Personnel Guy I have been with


    One of CY Tungs, crewed by Houlder/Furness as flag was Hong Kong. Originally supposed to be Liberian but ELF would not accept flag of convenience. First cargo loaded 19.10.80 Singapore, ship then anchored Singers for 12 days (arrested?non-payment of cargo). Then anchored 9 days at Karachi, 2 days Su
  7. sir john hunter

    sir john hunter

    houlders ship sir john hunter=Fairfield shot. Taken from Clyde steamer QUEEN MARY II in 1975. SIR JOHN HUNTER was laid up off Largs.
  8. M.V. El Argentino

    M.V. El Argentino

    Cargo- Passenger. 11,000 Ton Built. 1928. Bombed and sunk off Lisbon 1943. My card.