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  1. Houlders Joya McCance 2/O

    Sorry but can't remember the 2/O's name. My first ship with Houlders. Joined c 1965 in Glasgow. Can remember my mother asking what sort of ship? and answering, An ore carrier...A WHAT? she exclaimed!!!! I believe this vessel lost her original name when they built a bigger vessel! Howard
  2. MV Tenbury

    Off Finisterre on her maiden voyage.
  3. MV Tenbury

    On her maiden voyage to the R.Plate, off Finisterre.
  4. Ocean Transport, Rio, 1978

    From Right Phillip Heald?, 4/E?,?, maurice Patterson in stripes (lecky),Pete Barry C/O,Agnes Barry,Malcolm Lidstone-Green (AKA Big Mal) and 2 others. All visiting JC with my Mrs.
  5. Mr Batchelor

    Batch at my wedding 1978. The best Personnel Guy I have been with
  6. High Seas Driller

    The Wide Awake Club in the radioroom or should I say radiocorridor, Ian R/O, Calum storeman, Ian Medic, Tony Driller and me with the daft face and tash. Blue Boilees eh
  7. Oredian @ Port Talbot

    Houlders ore carrier Oredian proceeding into Margam Wharf, Port Talbot to discharge.Taken from onboard Oreosa early 1966.
  8. [email protected]

    Houlders Ore carrier OREOSA at Almeria, Spain in 1966
1-8 of 8 Results