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    A badly damaged American container ship HOUSTON in dock at the RDM yard. The ship collided with the Greek tanker MARIAM in the mouth of the Thames on 9th January 1969. The damage to the MARIAM was even much and much more severe. Have a look here...
  2. Houston

    Texas and San Jacinto monument.
  3. Houston

    Bahamas registered At her name port on 8th January 1998
  4. General

    Assailed by a foul smell from the vents below and saw this when we came up to investigate. Some things have improved since the 1960s!

    Houston ship channel
  6. Houston

    dockside Houston
  7. Houston

    Houston packed with ships, c.1967--a Wilhelmsen on the right.
  8. Nasa Houston

    It was time for everything, also to see other type of ships
  9. Houston ship channel

    Its 1973, what's that London registered ship back there?
1-9 of 9 Results