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  1. Hovercraft

    One of the 'Princess' class Hovercraft departing Dover on 1st August 1981
  2. Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft

    Looking somewhat deflated, this Indian Coast Guard hovercraft was on the slip in the Itchen River, close to Griffon Hoverworks. She is 20 metres long and is listed as having the name/call sign H-194
  3. Military Hovercraft

    I spotted her on the 31st of August running in Southampton Water, and I had seen her previously at Griffon Hoverworks on the Itchen. She is a military/naval hovercraft, but I do not know which country she is from or what her name is.
  4. Freedom 90

    Freedom 90 accelerates away from the terminal at Southsea en route for Ryde.
  5. Freedom 90

    Hovertravel's Freedom 90 ready to load passengers at Southsea for Ryde.
  6. Aerial view of Hoverlloyd hovercraft at Pegwell Bay

    As a teenager, I remember a pretty rough crossing to Calais on one of these! I took this photograph from a Bristow Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter, based at R.A.F. Manston, Kent with my father as duty SAR pilot that day.
  7. Solent Express

    The Hovertravel hovercraft Solent Express seen resting on the pad at Ryde, waiting to be brought back into service. Seen 25th September 2009
  8. Island Express

    The Hovertravel Hovercraft Island Express brings up spray as she arrives onto the pad at Ryde. a Rainbow can be seen on the left. Seen 25th September 2009
  9. Island Express

    The Hovertravel hovercraft Island Express is seen approaching Ryde hoverpad. Seen 25th September 2009
  10. Island Express

    The Hovertravel Hovercraft Island Express seen heading towards Ryde. Seen from the Pier. 25th September 2009
  11. Princess Margaret

    Hovercraft Princess Margaret, in Dover, 1970
  12. Hovercraft

    Hover Speed Dover Straits 1987.
  13. Morecambe Lifeboat, (Hovercraft)

    Morecambe Lifeboat (Hovercraft) getting ready to be launched. I took the photo yesterday Saturday 17/06/06 at 12-00 noon. Frank
  14. Hovercraft

    Hovercraft (SRN3 ?) at Cowes, IOW taken on 15APR1979 from the ferry.
1-14 of 14 Results