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  1. Elton Griffon, Tooronga, Keera, Howard Smith

    Melbourne Tugs Elton Griffon, Tooronga, Keera, Howard Smith Williamstown August 1963 (?) (James Paterson and Batman on the other side of the pier but no recollection of the dock/dredger - whatever - in the foreground)
  2. Howard Smith

    Howard Smith Yarra River, Melbourne August 1963 (Hall Russell, Aberdeen)
  3. Howard Smith at Kasado Dockyard

    Howard Smith at Kasado Dockyard Japan 1989. There is where she was originally built.
  4. Howard Smith at Kasado Dockyard

    Howard Smith at Kasado Dockyard September 1989.
  5. Era

    Howard Smith’s tanker Era. Built by Samsung Shipyard, Korea in 1986. DW 95 000 tonnes. One of two tankers they had in this class. (The other one was the Canopus.) They lasted under Australian flag to around 1997 when they were sold to Greek interest.
  6. Sid McGrath

    Sid McGrath was a Australian flag ship built in the late 70’s at Kasado Dockyard in Japan. Sid McGrath she was trading between Brisbane and New Guinea. She was in the early 90’s renamed Bass Reefer and still trading on Australian Coast under Australian flag. She was for a short time under Howard...
  7. Lindesay Clark

    Lindesay Clark. Australian flag bulk carrier. Built for Alcoa to transport Alumina from west Australia to Geelong and Portland.
  8. Howard Smith

    Howard Smith from Sydney. An Australian flag ship built at “Kasado” dockyard Ube Japan and delivered to Howard Smith’s Industries in Sydney 1981. She had deadweight of 43300tonnes and was built for transport steaming coal from Sydney to Ube. She had also six 3000m3 tanks with deep wheel pumps...
  9. S.T. Howard Smith & the Italian Job.

    This tug and S.T. Batman were the last two steam tugs in Melbourne.
  10. Sandra Marie

    M/S Sandra Marie from Sydney discharges Soda Ashes in White Bay, Sydney in the late 90’s.
1-10 of 10 Results