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  1. Huntingdon

    I thought Federal SN had some magnificent looking vessels in a really attractive colour scheme. When working abroad and finding one in the harbour or docks it was impossible not to feel a pride in being ever so vaguely associated with something of such obvious grandeur. Sadly the new colour...
  2. Huntingdon

    Huntingdon in the Royal Docks, August 1965. Any information is welcome. I bought this photo along with other shipping photos at a car boot sale, the above information is on the back of the photo along with what I presume is the photographers name....G W Goslin. Cheers Frank
  3. Port Chalmers

    Port Chalmers in the late 60's. Haparangi in the foreground with Port Chalmers across from her. Not sure which is the other Federal job but possibly Huntingdon, either Karetu or Karepo ahead of her and Hotunui at the top right.

    UK 5/6/1950 Jorgen Lonn negative

    Falmouth 1969 Built 1948 for Federal SN 1973 to P and O. 1975 broken up Kaohsiung.

    Falmouth 1969 Built 1948 for Federal SN. 1973 to P and O. 1975 broken up Kaohsiung.
  7. Huntingdon

    Federal Line M.V. Huntingdon sailing from Bluff.
  8. Huntingdon

    HUNTINGDON 1948 11281 tgr Federal
  9. Huntingdon

    Federal Steam Nav Co
  10. Huntingdon

    P&O's Huntingdon berthed at Station Pier, Port Melbourne, 1974.

    FEDERAL STEAM NAVIGATION CO. LTD. BUILT 1948 GROSS 11,281 LENGTH 561 ft BREADTH 70 ft On charter to P&O
  12. M.V. Huntingdon

    Huntingdon homeward bound in English Channel, June 1969 Photo taken from 'Manapouri' outward bound for Curacao.
  13. Huntingdon

    The "Huntingdon" looking rather lonely at Lyttelton in 1959.
1-13 of 13 Results