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  1. Finnmarken at Stadt

    Finnmarken in heavy seas
  2. Finnmarken at Stadt

    Normally the southbound hurtigruten is crossing Stadt in the night, however on this occation the crossing took place at noon due to delays by bad weather.
  3. Lost in Translation

    Part of the on board dessert menu on Hurtigruten's Nordlys. Sounded exciting but I was rather disappointed with the actual presentation!
  4. Ragnvald Jarl 1977

    Heading south by the island of Smøla on the leg between Trondheim and Kristiansund.
  5. Polarlys 1975

    Hurtigruten 1975. Southbound Polarlys appraching Steinsund in Sogn.
  6. Midnatsol departure

    Midnatsol heading for Soersundet when departing Kristiansund
  7. Kong Harald at Molde

    Kong Harald during a late summer night arrival at Molde as seen from the Polarlys.
  8. Polarlys @Seven Sisters

    Polarlys passing the waterfall Seven Sisters in Geirangerfjord

    It was an interesting challenge to navigate this painting, and to avoid a bad brush with Torghatten. On the whole, it turned out better than I had expected. It is a useful discipline to attempt a range of different scenes and settings, and also to vary the perspectives. It avoids the...

    The 'Nordstjernen' was part of the Hurtigruten fleet until 2012, when she was sold to become a cruise-ship. Built in Germany in 1956, she is still sailing, and was given a significant overhaul for her current role. Next year, by my calculations, she will be 60 years old. She belongs to the...

    This watercolour attempts to show the Hurtigruten cruise-ferry and flag-ship, 'Trollfjord', leaving the fjord from which she takes her name. I have used a very different range of tones for this painting, which tries to capture late evening shades. Rather than attempt to show detail, I am...

    This is the final version of my painting of this scene, already posted. I have added some waterfalls, lightened the tone to give more convincing contours to the land, and sharpened the mountainous background. And I have put it in a frame to stop any further tinkering! There is some reflection...

    This is an exercise in perspective - showing height, depth and distance - as well as an attempt to capture the beauty of a fjord from a challenging angle. It is based on an image of Trollfjord, which I have adjusted slightly, most obviously in the exaggeration of the central peaks. This...

    This watercolour painting attempts to show the Hurtigruten cruise-ferry MV 'Nordlys' leaving that famous location. I have made her funnel slightly more LEGO-ish than it really is, to act as something of a contrast to the mountain peak in the background. Trollfjord has witnessed the arrival...

    This very quick watercolour splash is meant to show the Hurtigruten cruise-ferry 'Kong Harald' in Trollfjord. For some reason, paintings of these 'ugly' (according to some!) contemporary ships are very hard to find. The degree of retrospection in romantic art is very high, I think, with the...
  16. Ragnvald Jarl

    This is one for the experts. I was onboard one of the hurtigruten ships approaching Bergen in one of the first days of 1981 Can anyone state which ship? See discussion below: It is the Ragnvald Jarl. Changed category from unknown to ferry 28.10.14
  17. Lofoten, FFR period

    MS Lofoten in FFR colors in 1988.
  18. Finnmarken 2

    Finnmarken departing Pier2 inTrondheim in 1988. She has now been out of service for many years and is today resting safely ashore as a part of the Hurtigrutemuseum at Stokmarknes in Vesterålen. Visit recommended. This museum item is scale 1:1.
  19. Midnatsol passing Alden

    -Life onboard- may not be a suitable category for this pic, however this is what it looked like on the upper deck onboard southbound Midnatsol in the bitterly cold morning of new years eve in 2009.
  20. Northbound Nordnorge en passant

    Nordnorge approaching Svolvær in the Lofoten Islands. Seen from Kong Harald
1-20 of 32 Results