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  1. RI 324 Mette Kathrine

    Mette Kathrine in home port Hvide Sande early this afternoon just before departure. 17th december 2010
  2. RI 450 Perkredes

    Lifting the gear in between the breakwaters.
  3. HM 70 Jökull

    This is the formers icelandic trawler "Jökull" taking ice in Hvide Sande some years back. She was only in Danish fishing short time, before she was sold to the Faroe Islands...present FD 616.
  4. L 486 Heimat

    Thyborøn based gillnetter 'Heimat' leaving Hvide Sande..some years ago
  5. RI 348 Bigilis with eels

    This is Bigilis entering Hvide Sande some years back full loaded with eels.
  6. L 432 Marie Steen

    This is Thyborøn based schrimp beamer leaving Hvide Sande late afternoon the 19.10.2007. She's one of the last old beamers. Built in Germany 1970. The coastal schrimp fishing with beamers like this takes place along the coastline from north of Hvide Sande and south.
  7. RI 475 "Jean Paul"

    Anchor seiner "Jean Paul" is registered in Hvide Sande as the onliest anchor seiner. It always operates out of Lemvig, where I also saw the vessel lying yesterday as one of only two anchor seiners. Lemvig had a few years back 15-20 anchor seiners. The anchor seiner is probably the only one that...
  8. English built HV 99 "Anni Dorthe"

    This is danish trawler HV 99 "Anni Dorthe" entering Hvide Sande last summer. The vessel came from England in 1996. It's registered as build at HAWKSLEY ENGINEERING LIMITED as newbuilding no. 1.. Does anyone have pics or info, when the vessel was in UK-fishing.
  9. Slipway Hvide Sande

    Wooden vessels on the slip in Hvide Sande (DK) summer 1998...a sight not to be seen again.
  10. GY 242

    Gillnetter GY 242 in Hvide Sande (DK) a few years back.
  11. KY 211

    KY 211 entering Hvide Sande (dk) a few years back
  12. H 335 "Schetla"

    Twinrigger H 335 "Schetla" along quay in Hvide Sande august 2002. The vessel was built in Poland 1989 and came under Danish flag in 1998. I remember it as being af former UK fishing vessel..any bells ring ??
  13. RI 4 "Jesper"

    Making a stability check in Hvide Sande june 2005.
  14. RI 169 "Bolette Munkholm"

    Beamer "Bolette Munkholm" returning from sea into homeport Hvide Sande Mai 2001. Built Norway 1980. Imported as trawler from Shetland 1996
  15. RI 327 "Reseda"

    RI 327 "Reseda" in homeport Hvide Sande (DK) during winter 93/94 waiting for the saw.. The vessel was built 1970 for Esbjerg and it had the following names: E 400 "Allesøe" E 300 "Sonja Wite" HG 70 "Mianda" HG 301 "Lotte Grundtvig" RI 327 "Reseda" During Esbjerg time and before the...
  16. RI 265 "Grethe Just"

    Through many years this vessel was a succesfull pairtrawler. Worked together with the RI 262 "Nordstjernen" in the cod fishing. Forced by the reduced cod quata the vessel changed to twinrig. The traditional cruiserstern was covered by a new aluminium transom stern giving sufficient space for...
1-16 of 16 Results