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  1. Hyundai Engine Assembly Hall

    Hyundai Engine Assembly Hall

    Under construction, a Pielstick V-engine. The slow speed engines, a Sulzer RLB and a RTA, the one in the back, looks also like a Sulzer
  2. Hyundai




    Hyundai Heavy Industries 14H3240V x 720 rpm - 6743 kW Main Diesel Engine One of six on Atwood advantage - driving 11KV alternators. Covers off Fuel pumps/rails.
  4. Hyundai Display Engine

    Hyundai Display Engine

    8Cyl Hyundai engine at the Offshore Korea 2012 Exhibition. 500KW/cylinder.
  5. Pacific Success

    Pacific Success

  6. Hyundai Aquapia

    Hyundai Aquapia

  7. Decks A - D  of the "Santa Regula" at Mipo, South Korea.

    Decks A - D of the "Santa Regula" at Mipo, South Korea.

    Hyundai's yard at Mipo on 06/11/2004 - the deckhouse of the large container ship 'Santa Regula' , which has never sailed under this name.. Owned by Klaus Peter Offen of Germany and built for the charter market she sailed from the builders yard as the 'P & O Nedlloyd Livingstone' , under which na
  8. Mind your head

    Mind your head

    see the bloke ready to secure the tug?
  9. Kalana meets Hyundai Liberty....

    Kalana meets Hyundai Liberty....

    ...on the Elbe at Blankenese 29.10.2006
  10. Hyundai Liberty

    Hyundai Liberty

    Inbound to Hamburg 29.10.2006