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  1. Iberia

    Just for you Sean!

    Identification Data Year built: 1884 Classification Register: Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR) Nat. Official Number: 2227 ROTT 1884 Category: Cargo vessel Propulsion: Steamship Type: General Cargo Type Deck: Flush deck Masts: Two masts Material Hull: Steel Decks: 1 Construction...
  3. Iberia

    P&O Lines Off Tilbury Landing Stage in May 1965
  4. Iberia

    P&O Line
  5. Iberia

    P&O's Iberia was never a headline making ship but was a stylish vessel with traditional symmetry and a nicely balanced profile. Seen outward bound on The Thames at Gravesend in 1960 she had plenty of fans on the waterfront.
  6. Iberia

    Chr. F. Ahrenkiel Further details in comments courtesy Bootmann

    P&O IBERIA off The Needles, c. 1955 Oil on canvas, 14 x 18, 2014
  8. Iberia

    Iberia at Fremantle Feb68
  9. Iberia

    In the Western Docks at Southampton in June 1972
  10. Iberia

    The 1st Class Library
  11. Iberia

    Observation Lounge
  12. IBERIA

    Model of the P and O liner IBERIA in the Wheelhouse Bar onboard the SUN PRINCESS Dec 2012.
  13. Iberia

    The Tourist Class Smoke Room
  14. Iberia

    The Tourist Class Lounge It looks as though this photo was taken when the ship had just been fitted out as the bookshelves are empty, although a couple of vases of flowers have been introduced to brighten the scene
  15. Iberia

    1st Class sports deck
  16. Iberia

    Off Tilbury Landing Stage in May 1966
  17. Iberia

    Landfall Dinner Menu for 26th July 1969
  18. Iberia

    1st Class single berth cabin
  19. Iberia

    Tourist Class Dining Room
  20. Iberia

    Arriving at Southampton
1-20 of 50 Results