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    IJsbreker means Icebreaker of course. To avoid confusion: the ship had a single funnel. Built 1893 by the yard Vulcan at Bredow. Measurements 32.00 x 8.53 x 3.90 m. Propulsion 360 ipk Steam Broken up 1970 by Kapteijn at Amsterdam. Particulars: Seized by Germany in 1944 and carried off to the Balti
  2. CCGS Amundsen

    CCGS Amundsen

    Downbound icebreaker Amundsen meeting CSL Welland
  3. Ice breaker

    Ice breaker

    China's only ice-breaker, Xue Long, en ruote to the Antarctic, docked at Lyttelton for three day's 8th-11th dec 1995. Her name means, snow dragon.
  4. stuck in the ice

    stuck in the ice

    hopeing to be broke out(baltic Osprey)
  5. Ice breaker Sisu

    Ice breaker Sisu

    Ice breaker Sisu Gulf of Bothnia
  6. Kapitan Khlebnikov

    Kapitan Khlebnikov

    At Hobart Tasmania prior to taking Tourist to Antartica
  7. Breaking Free!

    Breaking Free!

    Being Broken Out Of Ice In The Baltic. Winter 1969 Baltic Venture, Captain Kraemar of 'The Ice Core' fame in command.We would be stuck fast for days in the ice on some occasions waiting for the local ice breaker 'Tarmo' to do as she is here breaking us free! See also the sling of dunage to be dumped