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  1. Demob!

    After WW2. HMS Northern Wave (and her sisters) returned to their peace time occupation of Deep Sea Fishing. They hunted fish in the same waters they had hunted U Boats. Although now they didn’t have to face Bombs and Torpedoes, they still had the old enemies of the cold and the sea. Now it...
  2. In Ice

    Minesweeper HMS Halcyon and Liberty Ship (take your pic for a name!) in ice off the Kola Inlet Watercolour 12” X 7” Jim
  3. Ice

    Another Liberty, this time in Ice wc 11”x 8” Jim
  4. Black Angel Mine, Maarmorilik, Greenland.

    CP Ships W.C. Van Horne leaving the Black Angel Mine in 1984. If you look to the right of the mast post you'll see the dark rock colourings that gave the mine its name.
  5. Leaving Maarmorilik Greenland 1984

    W.C. Van Horne leaving the arctic port Maarmorilik on the West Coast of Greenland in 1984. Bound Antwerp with Zinc and Lead ore from the Black Angel Mine.

    Acrylic painting 40X30 inches on gallery canvas. It might look like the Canadian 50$ bill it is no coincidence. I took the photo(s) while the Bank of Canada hired photographer Jorge. Peral did the shots. I remember also supplying graciously the Canadian Governement agency with a similar...
  7. Baltica

    The Crew of R/v Baltica has rescued on 25th of January 2010 the dog floating on the ice floe 15 miles off shore. The dog has spent 4-5 days on the floe and has "traveled" about 200 km down the Vistula River. The journey has began in Torun. Two attempts to rescue the dog, one in Grudziac, another...
  8. Clio

    The winter 1985-1986 in the Baltic Sea was very cold. The temperature in Northern Finland was minus 50 celcius and even in Germany minus 30. Ms Clio got heavy ice when proceeding northbound. Capt. Matti Nousianen worked as Finnlines supercargo intendent and took this picture in Hamina, Finland
  9. ice

    not a lick of black paint on any of them, maritime connection the sea water/dom
  10. same posting

  11. Ólavur Halgi

    Snow & ice on trawler Ólavur Halgi, Faroes. 1960's (?)
  12. Ice

    Unknown boat. From an American book published 1934. I read a very harrowing story once of, I believe, Irish, fishermen who could with certainty foretell their death through boats being made unstable by ice, and had radio contact with the national radio. Each crew member saying goodbye on air. I...
  13. Chilly wind ..

    "P&O Nedlloyd Barentsz" off a chilly Chinese coast, 28/02/2005.
  14. Campina GY.214

    Campina GY.214 north of Greenland 1930's (wintertime)
  15. "Look out behind you !"

    Turku, Finland 13/03/2006. My shipping journalist and photographer pal Risto awaits the arrival of the next icebreaker ....! Note the truck and car tracks on the ice. Regards, Rick
  16. Cape Race #2

    Who'd be a deckie in this? :-) SSM's Cape Race. Again photo courtesy Jim Gray
  17. Cape Race

    Cold, cold , cold SSM's CapeRace in ice. Pic courtesy of Jim Gray. See
1-17 of 17 Results