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  1. Ifremer's Thalassa

    Ifremer's Thalassa

    Alongside in The Bassin Loubet, Boulogne on 23/2/07 Ifremer's Thalassa.
  2. RV Marion Dufresne

    RV Marion Dufresne

    a second view of the Marion Dufresne in Durban
  3. R/V Marion Dufresne

    R/V Marion Dufresne

    The research vessel Marion Dufresne called at Durban in 1996. Length 120.50 m, breadth 20.60 m, depth 12.80 m, draft 7 m, displacement 10380 t, deadweight 4900 t. 3 diesel generator sets, 8250 kW electrical production capability, 2 synchronous electrical motors for vessel propulsion (3000 kW each),