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  1. Ile De Batz

    IMO: 9247041 Shot taken by: Rex Cox Seen here berthed at Station St Pier in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia after completing the laying of a second Optic Fibire Cable across Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania. Shot taken by: Rex Cox, President of the Hobart Branch of the WSS and...
  2. Station St Pier, Melbourne

    (near right) Spirit of Tasmania I, IMO: 9158446 (near left) Ile De Batz, IMO: 9247041 (far side) Superstar Leo, IMO: 9141065 Shot taken by: Rex Cox, President of the WSS Hobart. Image posted with his permisson.
  3. Ile de Batz

    Seen here on her maiden voyage at anchor in Bass Strait off Stanley in North Western Tasmania, Australia preparing to lay an optic fiber phone cable across bass strait to Victoria
1-3 of 3 Results