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  1. Illyric

    ILLYRIC original drawing /goauche

    1970's Auckland NZ Built 1960 for SSA 1978 sold and renamed Carmila 1979 broken up Kaohsiung Jorgen Lonn negative

    BLUFF 1973

    Bluff NZ. 16/12/1974. Her final trip to Bluff. Sorry about quality , ship enlarged as only approx 10 % of slide.

    Illyric at Bluff in either 1973 or 1974.
  6. My dad onboard Illyric

    This is my dad taken i think just after he'd joined the Illyric in november 1961 for a line voyage to Australia and N.Z. i believe this was taken whilst at Liverpool, yes i know that is a very dodgy looking jumper. Mark
  7. Illyric 1976

    in 1976 ( plus or minus a year ) Shaw Savill's Illyric called into Avonmouth and I talked myself on board to show my wife the old ship.
  8. Cadet on Illyric

    Cadet Chris Dancaster with giraffe called John on its way to Auckland 1960. Voyage 2 of Shaw Savill's Illyric. We were told it was first giraffe ever landed in NZ. Chris is now a highly respected Quantity Surveyer. A keeper came with John and several monkeys and cows
  9. m.v. ILLYRIC

    Shaw Savill & Albion's m.v, illyric
  10. m.v. ILLYRIC

    Shaw Savill & Albion's, illyric somewhere in New Zealand ? this photo was kindly sent to me by a reader of Ships Monthly, in response to a letter i wrote regarding illyric.
  11. m.v. ILLYRIC

    crew of illyric, early 1960's possibly taken going through the suez canal ?.
  12. m.v. ILLYRIC

    Shaw Savill & Albion's m.v. illyric.
  13. m.v. ILLYRIC

    shaw savill & albion's m.v. ILLYRIC
  14. m.v. ILLYRIC

    shaw savill & albion's m.v. ILLYRIC
  15. m.v. ILLYRIC

    this is i promise the last photo i have of ILLYRIC taken at bluff, new zealand this photo was kindly sent to myself by ns & jc Hudson of kerikeri N.Z>
  16. m.v. ILLYRIC

    shaw savill & albion's m.v. ILLYRIC looking like she's hard at work
  17. m.v. ILLYRIC

    m.v. ILLYRIC at cardiff march 1973
  18. m.v. ILLYRIC

    m.v. ILLYRIC in the royal docks london aug 1970
  19. m.v. ILLYRIC

    m.v. ILLYRIC underconstruction at vickers armstrong shipyard newcastle december 1959
  20. M.V. ILLYRIC

    shaw savill & albion's m.v. ILLYRIC this photo was sent to me as a reply a few years ago to a letter i wrote in one of the shipping magazines for info or photos of illyric. I recieved this photo of an ex crew member of illyric sadly i do not have his name to reference him for this photo.
1-20 of 25 Results