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  1. Imperator

    Imperator, Trondheim harbor. Slide taken September 14, 1968.
  2. Leviathan and Imperator

    This is a panoramic photograph taken in 1919 which shows a rare view of the Leviathan and Imperator tied up together while both liners were serving as repatriation ships for US troops. Although the photo says New York, NY, the picture was actually taken at a pier in Hoboken NJ.
  3. Imperator

    The Imperator is shown in New York in 1913. The original B&W was taken by George Granthum Bain, and is held by the Library of Congress. The Original B&W was posted earlier on SN and can be seen here:
  4. Imperator

    Here’s a broadside view of the Imperator as she appeared when first built. Notice the ship still has her customary list to starboard in this shot as well. This view was taken in New York by the well-known marine photographer, George Granthum Bain, and has long been part of the collection in...
  5. Imperator

    The Imperator is seen very early in her career calling at an unnamed port. This would have to have been taken between June, and October of 1913. The liner’s funnels are still at their full, original height, and she is shown at anchor with the distinctive list to starboard that would earn her...
  6. Berengaria

    Cunard’s Berengaria was the company’s largest vessel from the time she entered the fleet in January, 1921. She made a few voyages under her original German name Imperator, before being officially renamed Berengaria in late February. She was converted to oil fuel at the Armstrong Whitworth Yard...
  7. Roosevelt onboad Imperator

    Theodore Roosevelt returning to the United States vie the SS Imperator. The date is (I believe) 6-25-1914.
  8. Imperator's Eagle

    Bow shot showing Imperator's figurehead Eagle before it was damaged and removed. It was by this figurehead that she was the largest ship when she was constructed.
  9. Flightless Eagle

    SS Imperator's de-winged figurehead after typical North Atlantic weather.
  10. Imperator Construction

    Construction of SS Imperator
  11. T/S Imperator launch a

    It's been a century this Wednesday since the Imperator last saw dry land. Already surpassed the tonnage of those two British White Star ships...
  12. T/S Imperator launch b

    The business end - getting ready for launch
  13. T/S Imperator launch c

    Christened by the Kaiser - he'd do it again for the Bismark.
  14. T/S Imperator launch d

    Moments later the port anchor was let go... ...right into the river - someone forgot to secure the chain.
  15. Imperator

    An aerial view of the huge German passenger vessel Imperator seen here in 1914 in the port of Hamburg. When launched on May 23rd, 1912 she was the largest ship in the world (52,117 grt/29,881 nrt). In 1919 taken over by the USSB and used as USS Imperator by the US Navy to return US-troops and...
  16. Imperator

    The German liner Imperator (52117 grt/29881 nrt) was launched on May 23rd, 1912 by the A.G. Vulcan, Hamburg and commissioned on May 24th, 1913. She was the largest vessel of her time, being the first ship to exceed the 50,000 grt mark. When returning to Hamburg on July 8th, 1914 Imperator was...
  17. Imperator

    A super illustration showing the German liner Imperator as she appeared when she first entered Atlantic service with tall funnels and an imperial eagle on her bow. Poor sea keeping resulted in the funnel height later being reduced and the proud eagle was broken away during a stormy crossing...
  18. Das Dampfschiff Imperator

    In your oceans. Transporting your passengers.
  19. Imperator

1-20 of 26 Results