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  1. Imperator


    The Imperator in New York. Passengers and luggage
  2. Imperator


    Imperator, the famous eagle. The motto seems to be: 'Dein Feld ist die Welt', your (operational) field is the world. (Better informed may feel free to correct me). Some say it was too heavy, some say heavy weather destroyed it. Anyway, the ship was soon to be named Berengaria, and Cunard wouldn't ha
  3. Imperator


    Another one of the Imperator arriving in New York, golden eagle and all. Is she listing? I'm not able to tell. What do others say? Picture is from the Bain collection in the US Library of Congress. They say there's no restriction upon publishing.
  4. Imperator docking at New York

    Imperator docking at New York

    tugs asisting the German Liner Imperator dock at New York
  5. Imperator


    AG Vulcan, Hamburg, 52,117grt for Hamburg America Line. Delivered 1913, 1914 laid up because of war. 1919 delivered to US Navy in Brest as war reparations to the Allies. 1920 chartered to Cunard by the Shipping Controller. 1921 as Cunard's Berengaria. 1938 destroyed by fire in New York.


    52.000 tons - built 1912 (Any comments or further information welcome)