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  1. Indian Ocean

    Nice crossing btwn Durban (SA) and Singapore trought a warm and quiet Indian Ocean. Placed on deck at port side wooden boxs stacked covered with greens canvas containing garlics from Buenos Aires to Singapore, due this special cargo thousands and thousands of flies (insects) taked place on board...
  2. INDIAN OCEAN Squall

    5/1979 enroute on Wilhelmsen's RO/RO Tourcoing from Fremantle to Jeddah.
  3. Indian Ocean

    Indian Ocean , reefer ship , managed in 80s by Irgens Larsen A.S. Oslo.
  4. Mauritius

    The Mauritius was spotted in Mauritius in 1986, she was apparently owned by Rogers and Co, and may not have been in service when I saw her as she was supposedly replaced by MV Mauritius Pride. As far as I recall she was used for inter-island passenger travel as well as doing cargo runs between...
  5. furness bridge, self-portrait, on the anchor

    I had the other deck boy snap this picture of me on one of the anchors. Somewhere in the Indian Ocean during the maiden voyage.
  6. Indian Ocen Sunset

    Masirah Indian Ocean July 1960. On of the many.
1-6 of 6 Results