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  1. Batam ferry

    Batam ferry

    Operates between Singapore and Harbour Bay, Batam, Indonesia.
  2. van Waerwijck

    van Waerwijck

    In KPM colours
  3. Sloet van de Beele

    Sloet van de Beele

  4. Indonesian Perahus - building

    Indonesian Perahus - building

    Handbuilt - craftsmanship in action in this little shipyard in SW Sulawesi
  5. Unusual cargo vessels - Indonesian perahus

    Unusual cargo vessels - Indonesian perahus

    These beautiful vessels transport serious cargoes throughout the East Indies. Fascinating to come across such classic sailing vessels actively trading throughout those tropic seas.
  6. Op Ten Noord

    Op Ten Noord

    Captured by Japanese and used by them as a hospital ship. Contraversally sunk by allies whilst carrying POW's to Japan ostensably because it was carrying contraband.