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  1. Sabina beached in Port Erin

    Sabina beached in Port Erin

    The Sabina (1156t) went aground north of Fleshwick Bay on 25th February 1923. She was refloated by SS Texa and towed to Port Erin where she was beached in order to carry out repairs. Copy of Mannin Postcard No 48
  2. Sure Hand at Ramsey

    Sure Hand at Ramsey

    I guess this was taken around 1980 ish.
  3. Hoyanger - Norway

    Hoyanger - Norway

    Dallington in Hoyanger on 17-10-2009
  4. Dallington


    On 17-10-2009 she has arrived to Hoyanger Few months earlier she had quite rough passage to Spain. Follow the link:
  5. IOM Steam Packet Co.

    IOM Steam Packet Co.

    Viking, franked 6.30 pm June 5 1913 King Orry,franked 8.15 pm June 26 1914 Monas Queen, unused
  6. Douglas IOM

    Douglas IOM

    1961/62 once again dont know the name.
  7. Douglas IOM

    Douglas IOM

    1961/62 Dont remember the names though but classic looking vessels.
  8. Douglas IOM

    Douglas IOM

    Manx Maid ? 1961/62