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  1. "MILLENIUM EXPESS II" burnt up in Korinthos

    Millenium Express II is tugged close to Korinthos (Pelloponissos-Greece) in March of 2002. She has been burnt up close to Strofades Islands (close to Zante Island) on the road to Albany in order to start trips. She's the famous Dragon (built in 1967). Then she was renamed Ionic Ferry...
  2. Ionic Ferry

    The "Ionic Ferry",hugging the coast on her way from Larne to H&W Belfast, probably taken about 1979 or 80.
  3. Ionic Ferry

    Atlantic SNC - running out of Preston 1958 2438 grt 338 ft 55 ft 14 kts
  4. Ionic Ferry

    The "Ionic Ferry", arriving Larne from Preston, April 1961, built 1959, Wm. Denny, Dumbarton, No 1493, 2557 grt, 338ft x 55ft beam. r/n Kamsin '76, r/n Tamerlane '80, scrapped 1988. The original purpose built roll on, roll off ferry, to replace the former "Empire LTC's" that Frank...
1-4 of 4 Results