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  1. Ship Research
    Does anyone know of any vessels that sailed regularly between Ireland and Aberdeen in the 1920's? I am doing some family research and following a few very loose leads. The vessels may have had a few stops but I believe the origin was Ireland and it stopped regularly in Aberdeen. Or any ideas of...
  2. 17-44 Castletownbere Lifeboat

    Seen with Boarding boat at the Lifeboat station 11th May
  3. Galway City, Ireland

    Dock area, Galway City, May 2000.
  4. Ireland

    One of several postcards sent by Currie Line in the 1960's. Ireland Built: 1951 by Lubecker of Lubeck Tonnage: 2,508grt Owners: Currie Line, Leith 1951: Built as I.W.Winck for Rederi A/B Walhall, Helsingborg 1954: Sold to Currie Line, r/n Ireland 1967: Lissavo 1971: Fay II 1974: Feb 24: Wrecked off
  5. Ireland

    City of Dublin Steam Packet Co's Ireland of 1885, plying the route between Kingstown (now Dún Laoghaire), in Ireland, and Holyhead in Wales. Equipped with electric lighting and able to do 21 knots.
  6. Ireland

    Packet Ireland of 1885, engines, boilers and wheels. The wheels weighed 110 tons, and would turn 27 rounds pr minute at 25.27 lbs boiler pressure.
  7. Ireland

    Engines and boilers in Ireland, packet built dor the Holyhead - Kingstown route by Laird in 1885. Oscillating engines, but forced draught!
  8. Ireland

    Packet between Holyhead and Kingstown, built by Laird Bros. Birkenhead in 1885. Loa 380', 5111 hp without forced draught, 6337 with, - then able to do 21 knots. That made her the world's fastest steamer.
  9. lough swilly atlantic 85

    lough swilly atlantic85 on exercise in the mouth of the swilly
  10. boats a plenty

    ireland few year ago
1-10 of 11 Results